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eCom Patrol


eCom Patrol is your go-to expert for marketplace monitoring and online brand protection! We provide customized solutions to keep you protected from Internet threats.

eCom Patrol delivers an unparalleled combination of innovative threat detection technology, led by a state-of-the art professional team of specialists who will quickly and efficiently eradicate potential threats before they become an issue. Our expertise and unsurpassed customer service gives you peace of mind that your brand is in safe hands, 24/7.

What is "Brand Protection"?

Successful companies don’t just happen overnight. It takes massive amounts of product development, marketing, public relations, and more to effectively establish a product and reputation. Due to all this hard work and expense, it is no surprise that these companies take every precaution necessary to protect their brand.

Online threats, such as digital piracy, phishing, cybersquatting, brandjacking, and pay-per-click fraud are costly, damaging, and preventable. That’s where eCom Patrol comes in. We use cutting-edge technology to monitor, prevent, and eliminate online brand abuse. Let eCom Patrol protect your business with an online brand protection strategy customized to your specific needs!

Who Needs Brand Protection?

Who Needs
Brand Protection?

Competition between brands online is brutal. As your company continues to grow, it’s important to focus on building relationships with customers, strengthening your brand’s visibility, and generating revenue online. Unfortunately, your brand is vulnerable to online attacks that ultimately steal from your bottom line. As these threats continue to evolve, so must your brand protection strategy. These potentially damaging threats are avoidable if the proper preventative measures are taken.

Consider the following:

  • Are you aware of the amount of revenue you are losing to digital brand infringement?
  • Do you understand how to identify and prevent all the online risks to your brand?
  • What steps have you taken to ensure your brand is protected?

If your brand is operating online, you need brand protection.  eCom Patrol will keep your brand safe from online threats, 24/7.

Why Choose eCom Patrol?

  • Continuous 24/7 protection
  • Real-time results
  • Automated process
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast, efficient elimination of potential threats
  • Online marketing monitoring
  • Anti-counterfeiting services
  • Evidential purchasing

The Internet makes you vulnerable to numerous damaging threats. eCom Patrol’s team of experts will keep you safe all day, every day.

Protecting you online...24/7

What we offer?

Online Marketplace Monitoring

eCom Patrol proactively protects your brand from damaging online activity.
We specialize in:

  • Fraudulent e-commerce websites
  • Online marketplaces
  • Auction sites
  • Mobile applications

Unfortunately, cyber-criminals use marketplace sites to steal your customers and revenue, distribute counterfeit goods, and damage your brand’s reputation. An online marketplace monitoring solution from eCom Patrol is crucial for managing the safety and reputation of your brand in the growing online marketplace. Our experts will detect damaging activity and protect your brand from these devastating, costly threats.

Anti-counterfeiting Services

Internet sales provide an increased opportunity for the purchase of counterfeit goods. eCom Patrol provides personalized online detection and fast elimination of counterfeit and gray market products. We monitor the largest auction sites, B2B, B2C and C2C platforms to keep you safe. Our anti-counterfeit implementation is the most advanced in the brand protection market.

Brand Enforcement Services

The illegal use of brands, trademarks, and products has increased aggressively. This harmful trend damages companies’ profit margins and impacts their brand reputations.

eCom Patrol protects your company’s brand and reputation. We offer unmatched proficiency in enforcing and protecting brands, products, and trademarks from threats that may arise in the digital world.

Evidential Purchasing

eCom Patrol offers Evidential Purchasing services that detect and protect against any form of violation present across multiple digital channels.
Our evidential purchasing services include:

  • Leading monitoring technology
  • Rapid detection and removal of damaging infringements across multiple online channels

eCom Patrol offers the most competitive and comprehensive defense in brand protection.


Want to stay online protected 24/7?
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